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Katharine's innate abilities are amazing and expansive.  Katharine has helped guide me in my emotional life when I have been struggling with issues, has helped ferret out the root of physical problems, and communicates with my animals in a way I am unable to.  Above all, her guidance leads to clarity.  I would highly recommend working with Katharine to anyone.  


Jennifer S.

When I’m looking for the best, I call HTA Consulting. Katharine Andrews gives me her perspective on my horses and my dogs. She communicates with them and tells me their needs, wants, and desires. She tells me of what to look for in their health as well as suggestions in promoting the wellbeing of their spirit; to keep it lifted and what may be needed to nourish it to full capacity. She informs me of where the animal comes from, why it came to me, and she does so in a manner that I can understand and act upon in benefiting the growth and fulfilling the experiences needed for my friend’s spirits. 


Nothing is too good for my furry family members. I value and cherish the guidance offered by HTA Consulting. It works for my family and, best of all, it works for my pets. Right from the git-go to the sweet bitter end. For Katharine has been with us through several dogs’ lives and has advised us on all manner of circumstances, from puppy, to adult, to senior, and then, back to Spirit. 

Wayne C. 

I sought spiritual guidance from Katharine as I was, well, stuck and felt I needed something more than traditional therapy. Since we started our work, I feel more centered, I’ve found my voice and gained the ability to block out and not be influenced by the “noise”. In turn I filed for divorce, distanced myself from people who bring chaos and negativity to my life and seeking/achieving goals.


In our very first session she asked me what happened when I was 11 as my 11 year old self was angry and loud. Immediately, what came to mind was this was the age I learned that I was adopted. This is where things really started to unfold: this is when I learned to distrust and withdraw and protect myself. This behavior is woven into who I am, how I interact, why I don’t deal with things, and so on.


This [experience] was eye opening and unlike other traditional therapies. We were touching on the same topics but with a different level of awareness. Spiritual healing is not what you might think. 


Mark W.

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