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Animal Communication

Animal lovers understand that pets try to communicate their needs on a daily basis. There are times when you know what your pet is telling you, then times it seems impossible to understand what they need or want.  


I tap into what animals are feeling and thinking, giving me the ability to speak for them, so if someone contacts me because they don't understand what their dog is doing or why they are not feeling well, I can go in and speak with the animal intuitively on an energy level and have a conversation.   


Animals that are getting ready to pass are especially difficult for their humans to know what they want. Sadness and grief can make it a challenging situation. An intuitive reading and energy work can make their transition much less painful and bring peace to them and their humans. Being able to intuit what an animal needs at the end of their life is very calming for you to be able to help your pet move on. 


  • Remote Reading: $100.00 

  • Reading and Energy Healing Bundle: $150

Note: After initial treatment or consultation, any phone and /or text message will be billed at $15.00 for 15 minutes with a 15 minute minimum.

I contacted Katharine about my dog being depressed/distant and boy was I in for a surprise.  Katharine was able to tune into my girl, who relayed to Katharine that I was having trouble with a malignant frenemy at work.  It was so spot on that I got chills when I read Katharine's report.  Later, when I spoke to Katharine she helped me to clear the energy that had been very damaging to me. Once that energy was cleared, my dog returned to her usual happy, affectionate self. Katharine is very compassionate and engaging and made some holistic connections that I believe will greatly improve my quality of life. I never imagined that getting in touch with her about my dog would lead to a significant healing event for myself (and my dog!). I highly recommend spending some time with Katharine.

Amber J.

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