Animal Communication

Animal lovers understand that pets try to communicate their needs to you on a daily basis. There are times when you seem to know what your pet is telling you, then times it seems impossible to understand what they need or want. I can help you bridge the gap in communication and enhance your intuition with your pet.

Whether it’s a beloved dog, cat or your horse that is acting out for what seems for no reason, or is not eating or is ill, I can communicate with them and help you to understand each other. Animals that are getting ready to pass are especially difficult for their humans to know what they want. Sadness and grief can make it a challenging situation.  An intuitive reading and energy work can make their transition much less painful and bring peace to them and their humans.

Reading animals is done remotely, with the exception of readings that are accompanied by an Energy Alignment treatment at the same time which is done in person.


  • Remote Reading: $75.00

  • Reading and Energy Healing in person or remote $120.00

Note: After initial treatment or consultation, any phone and /or text message will be billed at $15.00 for 15 minutes with a 15 minute minimum.