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The Experience

We connect to set up a time, determine your needs, and fill out the release form prior to our scheduled time. 

Before we have our session, I go in and pre-work the energy to set up a very calm, easy conversation and I move some of the anxiety out of the way, so you'll feel very settled, grounded, and calm. 

  • During an energy clearing session, I remotely connect with your chakras and energy centers, clearing that which is blocking you. 

  • In an intuitive reading, I communicate the collected information in a free-flowing stream of consciousness. Most people take notes as I discuss what I see. 

  • In a spiritual counseling session, we have a conversation regarding your blocks and I provide tools for you to work through these over the course of your life.  

  • During a pet session, I communicate with your pet and share the information with you. 

Following a session, you may request a subsequent meeting. I always recommend rest, liquids after your session. 

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