Energy Alignment (Aura and Chakra Healing) 

Energy Alignment provides an effective, non-invasive means to re-balance and realign your mind, body and spirit. Balancing energy augments the effects of spiritual and physical healing by clearing unhealthy energy in your body that is holding you back from a sense of well-being

Energy alignment involves the Chakra system, which lies within all of us, and is the center of your energy and spiritual force. With my guidance, clearing your Chakra system will help you break free from unwanted spiritual, mental and physical conditions that create stress. Limiting these adverse energetic patterns will aid you in bringing calmness and wellbeing into your life. Regular Energy Alignment can provide you a better quality of life and facilitate spiritual growth.


  • Remote Energy Alignment: $60.00 one hour

  • In Person Energy Alignment: $75.00 one hour

Note: After initial treatment or consultation, any phone and /or text message will be billed at $15.00 for 15 minutes with a 15 minute minimum.