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Energy Alignment

Energy Alignment provides an effective, non-invasive means to balance and realign your mind, body and spirit. Balancing energy augments the effects of spiritual and physical healing by clearing unhealthy energy in your body that is holding you back from a sense of well-being. My practice works on an energy level similar to those who practice Acupuncture or Reiki to see where blockage is in your body or chakras (energy centers) and what it's causing.


Energy blocks frequently manifest physically. You may literally feel aches and pains, for instance, if you have an blockage near your shoulder, it may feel like your shoulder is sore, and I can remove that energetically. Energy blocks could be due to traumas, stress, and strong emotions, and may show in the form of lethargy, anxiousness, or anger. Remote energy alignment does not affect your normal schedule, so you can go about your daily life knowing you're in good hands. Energy Alignment paired with intuitive readings and life guidance can provide you a better quality of life and facilitate spiritual growth.


  • Remote Energy Alignment: $75 per hour

  • In Person Energy Alignment: $120 per hour

  • Email Transcription Add-On: $40 additional 

About 1-1/2 years ago, I was stuck, uncomfortable, the same questions kept running in my mind and I could not get any resolution, no matter what I did, and I could not get peace with whatever I tried.  I contacted Katharine and she listened carefully.  By the end of the week, my questions were answered, I felt better about the future, and I was centered. Katharine’s services are immeasurable, she zeros in on whatever issue you present, she is honest, generous with her time and talents, and I trust her.

- Mary B.

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