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Private Classes

I share the techniques that I have found to be helpful and the sources of information I have in these classes.  They are in-depth and intense so if you are ready to find what keeps you stuck, identify the stumbling blocks that show up over and over, then please join me and move past old ways of being. 

Every class covers how to take care of oneself and one's energetic body and space so you can take care of yourself first. I include lifetime tools including learning to balance one's emotional and energetic self in order to reduce anxiety and stress and be able to face and conquer any situation. I also provide guidance on removing emotional blocks and lead a guided meditation to wrap up the class. 

Classes are personalized but have included:

  • How to recognize and clear your own chakras

  • How to ground and protect yourself

  • How to maintain positive relationships in family or work situations

  • How to promote wellbeing, growth, self-healing, and awareness

  • How to identify and calm anxieties

My classes are best when kept to an intimate group of around 4-6 people, but I am open to your needs. I would love to tailor a three hour class for you, designing the course so everyone goes away with helpful information along with ways to stay calm and enjoy the time with family and friends.

Small Group 3 Hour Class for up to 6 People: $1,000

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